INTRE is an engineering firm which born from the fusion of different experiences in civil engineering, covering a wide range of needs in the world and in buldings.

Thanks to the different skills, Studio Intre is able to develop activities in both private and public area.

Intre certificated ISO 9001:2008 founds its work on the concept of team, where each member works for the birth of a project in order to satisfied the customer's need, quickly and in reliable times.
Design and project management for public and private works in various areas of industrial and civil engineering: architectural, structural, thermo-technical, acoustic, security, fire protection, plant, also seismic vulnerability testing, energy audits, photovoltaic systems, verification of the project in order of the validation: THIS IS STUDIO INTRE WORLD'S Civil Engineering studio in Lucca.

Studio Intre is also a member of the Research Company TVT Ltd, in accrediting Spin Off University of Pisa, which is composed of leading experts in technologies in Italian glass and steel. Its purpose is to present and develop a new type of beam in glass called "beam Vitrea Tensegrity", the first beam in the world that makes the glass elastic and therefore also applicable in seismic areas. It also develops all possible uses related to the use of glass in buildings.

INTRE services

Public Works

Acoustic Surveys

Project Verification - D.Lgs 163/06

Research and Development

Seismic Design

Energy Redevelopments

Diagnosis and Energy Certificates

Building Renovations

Safety on Construction Sites

Moisture Problems

STUDIO INTRE - Civil Engineering Studio in Lucca

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